Data Sales Consulting Services

Benefit from our 10+ years of experience managing, leading and implementing large, pan-European Data Solutions for Tier 1-3 Operators and OTT Service Providers.
At DoData, we help our clients to build, develop, deliver and support their own Data-Driven Solutions, by combining solid technical skills with a flexible commercial approach.


Sales Development

Create new leads and opportunities based on market trends, prospects needs and products roadmaps.
Run the whole sales cycle - customer engagement, qualification, solution scope, business model, P&L and contracts up to signature.

Customer Success

Satisfy customers short term projects and long term strategy, position as a technical and business advisor.
Learn, provide insights and advocate customers strategy, priorities and desired outcomes. Leverage the company's value proposition and build a common path to success.

Account Management

Manage customers relationships and global communication strategy, ensure customers satisfaction.
Understand customers organisation, schedule and run periodic business reviews, identify upsell opportunities and manage issues resolution.

Core Values

The world is moving more and more towards connectivity. The value of data has grown considerably in this connected environment, bringing accurate content as fast as possible to any kind of device anywhere at anytime, and better understanding consumption through analytics and return-path data.
Indeed, data is key to ensure consistency and relevancy of products & services, whenever it is meant to power best-in-class User Experience, to orchestrate multiple IoT applications or to provide compelling material for KPI measurement.

Vincent Lefèvre - Founder of DoData