Tech Sales Consulting Services

Benefit from our 10+ years of experience managing, leading and implementing large, worldwide SaaS Solutions.

At Dodata, we help our clients driving their growth strategy in building, developing, delivering and supporting their own SaaS Solutions, by combining solid technical skills with a flexible commercial approach.


Sales Development

Create new leads and opportunities based on market traction, prospects needs and products orientations.

Run the whole sales cycle - customer engagement, qualification, solution scope, business proposal, P&L management and contracts up to signature.

Creation of prospection databases taylored to the targeted market, including emails and social profiles.

Customer Success

Satisfy customers short term projects and long term strategy, position as a technical and business advisor.

Onboard new customers and ensure their satisfaction. Manage the deployment of the solution and drive the deal towards success !

Learn, provide insights and advocate customers strategy, priorities and desired outcomes. Leverage the value proposition to build a common path to success.

Account Management

Manage customers relationship and define long term partnership strategies, keep engagement high.

Understand customers organisation, schedule and run periodic business/project reviews, manage issues resolution.

Anticipate new demands from customers and provide feedbacks to product teams. Envision long term partnership strategies with key accounts.

Core Values